Ideal Lace Bras for Evening Dresses

With the trick or treatment in the bag, people are starting to prepare for the busy holiday season that is just around the corner. Buy gifts, attend parties and find that perfect holiday dress are all on the agenda. And while this time of year can be stressful, attending parties and feeling fantastic in your stylish clothes should not be.

To make sure that you look your absolute best in your evening dress, it is imperative to choose the perfect bra to wear underneath. Unsightly bra straps, exposed bras that are not nice enough to be shown, strapless bras that fall, or worst of all – no bra at all – are some of the pitfalls to avoid when choosing lingerie to match with your outfit .

Knowing what underwear to wear under a party dress is a bewildering complication in the shopping process for many women. In fact, some women reject an otherwise fabulous dress simply because they do not know what bra to wear with it. But be assured, finding a bra does not have to be difficult. The following guidelines will guide you in the right direction to find the ideal support this holiday season.

Bra cups

If your dress has light or smooth material, such as silk or satin, you will want a soft cup bra (t-shirt bra) with no lace in the cups as any texture in the bra will show through your dress. In the case of a dress with heavier material or texture, such as ruffles or faux fur in the bust area, you can play with the texture of your bra, as this area will be hidden. In this case, lace fasteners or lace fasteners with ornate embroidery are fine choices.

lace bras



The amount of filling to choose is mainly a matter of personal preference. Some women like to feel more natural and opt for a slightly padded bra, such as a bralette or other bra with minimal padding. If you are a woman with a small bust, there are many options available in the Petite lingerie market that will enhance what you have and make it fit an easier holiday dress. For reference point, Petite underwear is made specifically for women with AA bra cup sizes, one bra cup sizes or B bra cup sizes.

If you have a petite bra cup size and prefer a bra with more padding for your holiday dress, look for a push-up bra that has padded inserts or “bumps” that push the breast tissue up and Inside, thus creating the maximum division. No matter how padding your push-up bra is, make sure it is comfortable and fits you correctly in the cups and the band.


If you have a strapless dress, the most obvious and safe option is a strapless bra. Many convertible bras have removable straps, so you may have one in your underwear collection that will already work.

Bras that have decorative straps with embroidery or lace can look very nice showing underneath a strapless dress or under the straps of a dress. The important thing here is to stay with the same color family of your dress. In other words, a black lace bra strap showing underneath a black cocktail dress looks sophisticated – a non-fuchsia bra strap. Likewise, consider the style you are conveying with your ensemble, as well as the event you are attending. If the event is an office party and your overall look is classic and sophisticated, revealing your bra straps may not be the best choice.


When choosing a bra for your holiday dress, it is important to coordinate the color of the bra with that of your dress. For example, a black bra is likely to show through a lighter colored dress. Contrary to popular belief, a bare bra is the best choice to wear on anything white, rather than a white bra. The closer the naked shade is to the skin, the more the bra will disappear under your clothes.

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